2014 Events


Kirk's Birthday Party

March 22nd 6-7pm.

social, 7pm Murphy’s Bar & Grill Riverside, IA


Easter Bunny comes to Riverside,Iowa

Saturday April 12th 10am sharp, Hall Park Riverside,Iowa


Riverpalooza - Riverside,Iowa

Saturday August 16th Hall Park Riverside,Iowa



Trek Fest XXX

June 27-28, 2014

President: Mike Meinders - Riverside Area Community Club


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2013 Events



Trek Fest XXIX

"I Mudd"

June 28 & 29 2013

Riverside, Iowa - "The Future Birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk"


June 28-29, 2013 HALL PARK

Visit The Voyage Home Museum/Riverside History Center, Free will donation
Location 361 East 1st Street, Suite 2 Riverside, Iowa

Friday, June 28, 2013


5:00 PM D&B Shows Carnival Midway / Little Toot Train & Bouncy House

5:00 - 8:00 PM - Main Stage - Hall Park - Band - Bob Black and the Bandjoy Band

6:30 PM KID'S PARADE 6:15 sign up ("I Mudd" theme ) Line-up River Street, finish at Hall Park

7:00 PM PET SHOW - Main Stage - Hall Park - "I Mudd" theme
Free event-Big and small pets welcome! Come, cheer and have fun!

1. Warp 7 Recall Races - pet with the fastest recall to its owner wins!

2. Escape from the Andromeda Galaxy - run your pet through a short obstacle course. Fastest pet wins!

3. Famous person look-a-like - who does your pet look like. Most original and best look-a-like wins!

4.. Dress for success - costume contest. A class to judge the pet and or handler on their entertaining attire. (Please note that any costume which restricts the animal's normal range of motion, causes discomfort, or creates a hazard and will not be allowed.)

5. Tricky, tricky pet - It doesn't even have to be outrageous. Show off your pet's talent-at anything.

6. Little things matter - smallest pet wins!

7. Really huge award - size does matter -biggest pet wins this category.

8. Crowd favorite - the most popular pet wins this prize!

7:00 PM Star Trek Trivia Railroad Park Pavillion located across from the Voyage Home Museum - Free event, but donations to the History Center are accepted.

7:30 PM WELCOME DEMOLITION DERBY FANS! Bring the whole family!
SE Corner of Hall Park - Adults $10 - 12 and under free
Gates open at 5:30 pm

Purse - $4,800 Guaranteed
Cars $50.00 entry 1 car, 1 driver 1 pit crew member
Questions about rules? Click HERE or Call Andy Rogers (319)325-6351

Serving food from 5:00 pm to 11:00 PM Beverage Tent by RACC Food tent by Mincer catering

9:00 PM - 1:00 AM Hall Park Main Stage - "Insectoid Band"

http://www.myspace.com/insectoidcontrol - Free Admission

9:00 PM - Dusk Sky -Watching with The Cedar Amateur Astronomers, Inc.

Location: Riverside Elementary School - north side - Schnoebelen Street

Saturday, JUNE 29

Pre-registration and entry fee required.

Adult co-ed; limited number of teams.

8:00 AM to 9:00 AM Parade Sign - up and registration in front of Peoples Trust & Savings Bank where's Gunny? Find Gunny the Clown working the parade route
10:00 AM PARADE - Theme "I Mudd"
Line-Up 9:00AM
4 prize Float Categories $$(Best Trek - $100.00 Prize) (Best Youth, Patriotic, Best Theme - $50.00 Prize)
Honorable mention-TREKFEST T-Shirt
Click HERE for the Parade Registration form.

GRANDMARSHAL - Rusty Rogerson

11:00 AM Parade Route - Trek Fest Live Remote / Deployed Unit

Stardust Radio Network Inc. 1690AM will open a LIVE connection over the parade PA system to Afghanistan and offer a chance for all to show their support for our deployed Hero's of Freedom. Be at the parade route booth at 11:00 AM setup in front of the Riverside Community Building and take the mic and show your support LIVE! Tune in at www.stardustradio.com or tune your AM radio to 1690AM.

11:00 AM
D&B Shows Carnival

Serving 11:00 am-3:00 pm, North End of Hall Park-Covered Shelter

Barb's Homemade Apple Pie and Ice Cream

Serving 11:00 am-3:00 pm, North End of Hall Park-Covered Shelter


11:00 am - 3:00 pm, North end of Hall Park

- Railroad Park -
11:00-2:00 PM
"Curise" - Railroad Park Free admission, no entryfee required for vehicles. Cars, Antiques, Trucks, Motorcycles, Tractors, anything with wheels.

11: 00 AM SCI FI SWAP MEET - North of Main Stage - Hall Park - Free Admission
Dealer Table Rental $50.00 - click here for registration

11:15 AM to 1:15 PM Main Stage-Hall Park "Tom and the Tribbles" Folk, Old Time, Blue Grass, Patriotic and Pop music

12: 00 p.m.-5 p.m. - STAR TREK EPISODES / INVASION IOWA - Hall Park
Screening in Red Barn Free Admission

12:00 PM FEDERATION GAMES -near Tennis court area - Hall Park - free admission Ages 12 and under are invited to participate
Medals for contest winners by age groups.
Edosian Race (three-legged race); Tribble Wack; Star Trek Piñatas; Horta Egg toss; Pin the Lobes on the "Ferenig"!

12:15PM Hall Park Main Stage Announce Highland Senior students' scholarships

1:00 PM

COSTUME CONTEST - Main Stage - Hall Park "I Mudd" theme
Three Categories: "Federation", "Supporting Cast" & "Miscellaneous Sci-Fi"
First Place-$60.00, 2nd Place-$40.00
Children's Costume Contest
12 & under - 1st Place - $25; 2nd Place - $15; 3rd Place $10

1:30 PM Lone Tree Garden Tractor PULLERS - Free Admission
East of Red Barn - Hall Park Prize trophy awards

2:30 PM The Bill Riley State Fair Talent Show - Main Stage - Hall Park
Free admission

3:00 PM GOLF CART RODEO - Hall Park - free admission

6:30PM 8:30PM Hall Park Main Stage "CLOSE CALL" BAND Free Admission

9:00PM - 1:00 AM " Faraday's Law" BAND Free Admission

Hall Park - Free Admission www.stumptownshooters.org

This promises to be extra spectacular this year with the increased funding provided by the City of Riverside

Coolers are not permitted in the Park at any time during Trek Fest

For more information call 319-930-TREK(8735)

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